New unlimited 3 month ...

  • Crossfit Unlimited: 3 Month commitment, billed monthly. Automatically renews at the end of every 3 month period.

Corey Norman

New unlimited

  • Crossfit Unlimited Month-to-month: Unlimited Crossfit classes, no commitment. Auto Renews monthly until canceled. 

New 3 times a week 3 m...

  • Crossfit 3x/week: 3 month commitment, auto renews at the end of every 3 month period. Attend any 3 classes in a 7 day period, or 36 classes total over 3 months. 

New 3 times per week (...

  • New 3 Times Per Week: Any 3 classes a week with no commitment. Auto renews every month until canceled. 

2019 Kids Camp

  • The 2019 NPCF Kids Camp! July 8-12 from 9a to 2Pm. Ages 5-12 can participate. 

6 Week challenge (Part...

  • This is partial deposit for the 6 week fitness challenge. Remaining balance due on start date. 

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

2 Day Free Trial

  • 2 Attendance Pack

    Click here to start your 2 class free trial.

Raw Strength

  • 15 Attendance Pack

    NPCF Raw Strength Class: Combines Strength and Oly movements in 5 week cycles. Focused on improving Strength and performance in Olympic Weightlifting.

2 Week Fitness Jump Start

  • 14 Attendance Pack

    Welcome to the Legacy Fitness 2 Week Jump Start Program! We are excited to get you started on your new fitness journey. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to help you get things started on the right foot.
    Please make sure to take advantage of the free fitness and Nutrition evaluation. You can schedule this with a coach at any point during the 2 week program. See you at your first workout!

6 WK Jump Start (Full)

  • 18 Attendance Pack

    This is the 6 Week Jump Start program. You will workout three times a week, with a coach. We provide meal prep/nutrition guide, at home workouts, and all the support you need to jump start your fitness and hit your goals!

6 Wk Challenge (Dep)

  • 18 Attendance Pack

    This is the deposit for the 6 Week Challenge class! Over the next 6 weeks you will workout 3 days a week with a coach, follow our easy to use meal plan, and have the support and accountability you need to succeed in hitting your personal fitness goals!